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Hi. Im Rick.
Lloyd's Car Shop

"Hey Lloyd, you all work on other cars too?"
"Yep. Toyotas and Lexus. We can spruce'm up. Change oil and filters and a pile of other stuff that requires lots of cool tools. Give us a call and tell your issue and we are happy to expound on how to remedy it quickly. Homepage (423) 288-3133

Hi. Im Lloyd
By way of explanation I'm sending you this check because two or three weeks ago you ordered a pressurized gas cap for my little '99 Accord. You put the gas cap on, cleared the code and told me if it works to pay you $25. I failed to ask you how long I should wait, but think it's safe to say it worked. I had surgery and haven't driven much but the car has been started and run at least 20 times since then and the check engine light hasn't come on.
As usual, you knew what it needed. Thank you for taking care of it. I have never been disapppointed in any work you have done and I appreciate your honesty and integrity.
I will contact you soon to do the maintenance stuff my car is likely due for. It's probably time to think about belts and hoses and stuff like that as well.
Again, thank you.
You're the best.
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  • "All better Toyota truck : thanks for fixing the noise and changing the oils and whatever else for me." SW
  • "I brought in my Honda CRV and these guys were so friendly it was hard to leave. The service I received is easy to recommend." JW
  • "I have had two Honda Accords and I only take them to Lloyd and Rick. I have never had a complaint about any service I have had. Thanks guys." TM
  • "The family loves our Odyssey and we keep it serviced on schedule. Lloyd keeps our Honda on the road. His advice has always been accurate." Kingsport
  • "I love my Honda. Auto repair has never been one of my niches. Lloyds Car Repair gets the job done and they are friendly too." Elizabethton
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