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Hi. Im Rick.
Lloyd's Car Shop
"My Honda purrs. Thanks guys." js

Lloyd's Car Shop is located in Kingsport Tennessee in the Bloomingdale community. We just plain enjoy car repair. Automotive fix'ens is our favorite past time. Bring your vehicle by if that engine is knockin or any other trouble that needs adjust'nized. We do that regular maintenance too.
Oil change? Sound strange?
Engine knock? Brake lock?
Haircut? visit Floyds,
Car sputts? Come to Lloyds!
Poetry from a customer.
Hi. Im Floyd
Hi. Im Lloyd
This is the Lloyds Emblem. Lloyd's Car Shop 3032 Lowrance Dr, Kingsport, TN (423) 288-3133
Open 7:00 - 5:00
Mon-Friday ONLY
Give or Take.
Saturdays closed
even if the fish aren't biting. Sundays, Church.
Thats a tire.
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  • "I brought in my Honda CRV and these guys were so friendly it was hard to leave. The service I received is easy to recommend." JW
  • "I have had two Honda Accords and I only take them to Lloyd and Rick. I have never had a complaint about any service I have had. Thanks guys." TM
  • "The family loves our Odyssey and we keep it serviced on schedule. Lloyd keeps our Honda on the road. His advice has always been accurate." Kingsport
  • "I love my Honda. Auto repair has never been one of my niches. Lloyds Car Repair gets the job done and they are friendly too." Elizabethton
  • Buy Your New Honda at Phil Bachman Honda Dealer in Kingsport Tennessee.

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